Internet of Things Enterprise Services

IoT – and the machine-to-machine (M2M) technology behind it – is bringing a kind of “super visibility” to nearly every industry. Imagine utilities that can predict and prevent service outages, and healthcare organizations that can base treatment on real-time genome analysis. With IoT technologies and applications, the business possibilities are virtually endless.

Internet of Things systems must have the capability to discover, store, and analyze the huge amounts of data in various formats, and then be able to communicate the critical business information to the appropriate stakeholders. Of course, everything must be done quickly, given the amount of data being managed.

Internet of Things is experiencing accumulative growth fueled by reducing costs in computing, ubiquitous connectivity, proliferation of mobile devices and the rise of cloud computing. This connectivity means bundle of data, collected from more places, with more ways to: increase efficiency, innovation in product development, enhance the customer experience, increase asset utilization, streamline the supply chain, and improve safety and security.

Through our Internet of things enterprise services, we empower enterprises to build transformative solutions to help them quickly get value out of IoT capabilities and gain deeper insight with analytics. This in turn helps in gaining enhanced productivity, creation of new business models, generating new revenue streams, enabling your business to deliver innovative new solutions faster than your competitors, with minimum risk. We can also help you to securely analyze, connect and integrate real-time data for internet of things, at scale, between connected devices and applications for your enterprises.


In order to adopt Internet of things (IoT), businesses make strategies to manage all the moving parts of companies. By mapping out the business strategy and planning, we help clients to get the most out of innovative technology and business insights to create disruptive value. With our best knowledge and practices, we can help you develop an IoT technology roadmap, implement the suitable IoT applications and architecture for your enterprises, ensure interoperability, and more. You can get support at any stage of digital business transformation with our IoT consulting services - whether you are just getting started or have legacy challenges to overcome.

Our IoT Consulting Services include:
  • Strategic planning and business case development
  • Governance strategy
  • IoT technology roadmap (reference architecture)
  • Custom Application Development (dashboards, visualization, etc.)


An IoT enablement is a form of PaaS (Platform as a Service) that is meant to enable a developer to rapidly implement the system and architecture design in the enterprises and execute an IoT application or service without worrying about the scale-out or scale up factor. We have expertise in building interactive design and implementing the enablement of internet of things to integrate the system and enterprise applications. We can enhance your existing system in more secured and compatible way which will enhance productivity and efficiency, and will lead you to exponential growth.

Our IoT Enablement Services include:
  • Systems and architecture design
  • Interactive design and user experience development
  • Systems Integration
  • Integration with legacy systems


To drive real value of your business from the IoT, you need a scalable infrastructure which will let you integrate, implement and secure the data you receive from various components and devices. Businesses must be able to analyze the data and act quickly on the results for data to be useful for enterprises. We can help you drive predictive maintenance using pre-built integrations with analytics, applications and mobile services. All components of an internet of things capabilities must work together and be secure at every juncture throughout the system - from different devices through IoT gateways and on to, storage of data, middleware and analytics. All solutions that aren’t fully integrated will not be capable to deliver the data and analytic solutions.

Our IoT Integration Services include:
  • Database design and build
  • Analytics Implementation
  • System integration
  • Application modernization


The first part of collecting and managing the data in the Internet of things is gathering the sheer amount of individual data from various sources. The IoT Management platform must deal with a dizzying amount of unorganized data, alerts and information- in different formats, as the waves of new data pour in from the proliferation of sensors and devices, which range from resource-constrained devices to desktop-class systems. Services include, device monitoring and management, , Big data services, cloud enablement, subscription Management, asset lifecycle management, service delivery management and end to end security.

Successfully acquiring and transmitting this data means being able to:
• Perform local processing and analyze collection of aggregate data onto a gateway
• Securely package data and send it to the cloud or IT
• Transform, transmit and secure all your data across the network

Our IoT Management Services include:
  • Device management
  • Cloud hosting
  • Network management
  • Data security