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We specialize in empowering startups and growing enterprises to navigate the complex realm of technology solutions. With a passionate focus on excellence, we leverage our extensive R&D capabilities, profound Technology Expertise, and forward-thinking Innovative Solutions to propel your business forward. Our Catalysts drive transformation, while our Deep Business Insight provides invaluable strategic direction. At SRS Valutech , we're not just a service provider; we're your trusted partner in achieving your technological aspirations and business objectives.

Embarking on a journey fueled by ambition, growth, and leadership. Embracing change, fostering accountability, and delivering excellence daily. Join us as we strive for continuous improvement together

Values We Live By.

We embrace your ambitions and are dedicated to improving in our evolving roles. We commit to introspection, learning from the best practices, and bringing our best selves to every task. Our leadership-by-example approach fosters accountability among colleagues, customers, partners, and stakeholders.

We take ownership.

We take full ownership of our clients' challenges, using our specialized expertise to provide effective solutions and deliver exceptional results.


We’re fearless innovators.

Daring to tread uncharted paths, we thrive on calculated risks, weaving inventive solutions to conquer every challenge with flair.


We’re aggressively authentic.

We prioritize authenticity in our approach, ensuring transparency and honesty throughout the project lifecycle.


We’re democratic and people-centric.

Experience our open culture: mutual respect, autonomous collaboration, and equality, where every voice counts.


We value work, not titles.

Minimal hierarchy, maximal collaboration: Our leaders mentor, our teams connect deeply, and innovation thrives.


We’ve set high standards for customer satisfaction.

At our core, we've set the bar high for customer satisfaction. If it's not right for them, it's not right for us. Our every move is in tune with their needs.

Mission And Vision

At SRS Valutech, we're dedicated to empowering businesses with innovative technology solutions, fostering growth and success in a rapidly evolving digital era. Our vision is to serve as the preferred strategic partner, guiding companies towards realizing their boldest aspirations.

News And Recognitions

Our Culture

At our core, we foster a dynamic and evolving culture where every new team member enriches our collective spirit. With an entrepreneurial mindset, we take initiative and share responsibilities, creating a workplace that's more than just a place to work—it's our platform to learn, grow, and shine together as one cohesive team.

Our Culture - Transparencytransparency

We believe in open communication, sharing goals, roles, expectations, and processes from the start. This approach fosters trust and collaboration among our team and clients, driving mutual success.

Our Culture - Integrity of Character
Integrity of Character

We uphold honesty, lead by example, and cultivate a culture of mutual respect. With no shortcuts to ethical business, we prioritize integrity in every interaction and decision.

Our Culture - Commitment to Customerscommit
Commitment to Customers

Customer commitment is our priority. We uphold our promises, delivering on every task with our clients at the forefront of every decision, ensuring their satisfaction and success.

Our Culture - Practicing Empathykind
Practicing Empathy

For us empathy is key. We listen, understand, and adapt without arrogance, fostering strong connections and delivering tailored service.

Our Culture - Equal Opportunity Employer
Equal Opportunity Employer

As an equal opportunity employer, we champion talent over labels, fostering a prejudice-free environment where meritocracy flourishes.


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Our Team And Advisors

Introducing Our Team of Experts and Advisors: Fueling Innovation and Excellence Through Unmatched Expertise and Inspiring Leadership

Pooja Maheshwari

Founder, CTO & CEO

IITB | IIMB | Ethical AI Enthusiast | RetailTech and MarkTech. Pooja is a serial tech entrepreneur and innovator with 30+ global recognitions and over two decades of experience in a wide technology spectrum covering various verticals. She is a regular author, speaker and consultant in AI, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud & IoT. Pooja is an avid advocate of ethical AI, diversity and sustainability.

Amit Maheshwari

Director (Finance & Ops)

Co-Founder and Director at Smarg Technologies Amit Maheshwari A business strategist with keen eye to details and specialised into business strategy, finance and operations with about 20+ years of industry experience. Amit has been managing the complete finance and operations for Smarg with winning leadership of continuous growth and setting up new standards within the team.

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